Foothills Village linked to two vineyards, their best production areas are located.
The two villages Bodrogkeresztúr and Tolcsva, which has always been going on in the viticulture and winemaking.


Lapis Vineyard: Area 37 main road on the left side (towards the Sátoraljaújhely) a stone mine, the Castle Hill lying on the slopes of mountains in the southern exposure of 2.1 when in size. It kind of Linden when a clean 0.55, and 1.55 ha of land and Furmint grape variety is installed. The cultivation method varies, the high-cordon Linden grapes Moser, a 3.2 m spacing, the umbrella Furmint grapes cultivation is used, also 3.2 m spacing. The area is characterized by rocks of the rhyolite, rhyolite tuff, and their products málási. Soil with a relatively high percentage of clay lymph. High quality, taste, smell grapes produced here. Aszú main producing areas.

Dereszla Vineyard: In fact, independent of the Tokaj hill hilly ridge, its northeastern side. The village rises above the west-southwest. At the top of the famous tower. Loess soil, rhyolitic tufás, loamy soil. Racy, the area prone to botrytis. Linden produce an excellent wine for him. Area is the western side of the vineyard, situated 1,5 ha in size. (36 lines) of the grape variety Chardonnay, Moser művelésmódja high cordon, a 3.2 m spacing.

Kastély Vineyard: The village is bounded to the west, which is 37 the number of highway lies at the foot of Bald Mountain in the north-eastern slope Dereszla. Loess soil is no longer, but rhyolitic lymph. The area of 0.4 hectares is installed in a variety of Furmint, 2.4-m-spaced, low cordon area of cultivated modified umbrella. The various varieties Furmint, a special microclimate, and the vapors Bodrog Thanks to noble rot area. Bora is very characteristic.


Kincsem Vineyard: Tokaj is one of the most famous and best production area, which is bordered to the east of the village, the Castle-hill at 37 - the main road stretches. As the eastern side, facing the village Sárazsadány 0.3 ha of the orchard area of cultivated GDC. A clean installation of vesicular Furmint grape. There is hardly a year that we could not take it Aszu. The cultivation, pruning and the mode-specific variations, as well as the excellent late-harvest grapes grow high-quality, which is one of the best wine made from Furmint. The vineyard is located in this part of a rhyolite outcrops, stony soils, therefore, but also lymph. Bora excellent, balanced, elegant acidity. Aszu among the most delicious.

Boszorkány Vineyard: In fact, the mountain Kincsem feet southwest from the village, but has a separate name. Maybe not so much stone as a treasure, but lymph clay. Excellent 0.3 ha arable land on which cultivation in 2009 year change (high cordon had been cultivated and umbrella) has been completely renovated. Spacing of 2.8 m, half of the 1000 capital Furmint, Linden half breed. Bora is also excellent, rivaling the wines of Kincsem.

Szentvér Vineyard: The vineyard is called Budaházi Olaszliszka people, but the picture of the property Szentvér lower southern slope, which lies between the villages Erdőbénye Tolcsva and approx. halfway, on the southern side of the hill called Bartalus. The area is world famous for its wines mainly in Linden. We have plantations in Muscat, 0,33 if greatness. The scented varieties of Muscat, Yellow 50% - in the Muscat Lunel Otonel and 25-25% are located in here. Very rocky soil, (rhyolite) is a highly clay, stone-powder (máladék rhyolite). As a result of the intense solar radiation is absorbed, high evening radiations. Among the most outstanding wines, fragrant, once rich, harmonious wines pleasant.