Wine tasting and catering:

The winery and wine tasting in the cellar, usually begin with a presentation. Of course, the main goal of our wines demonstrate awareness. Tasting a variety of lines we can show on demand, from the prior discussion, either on-site under discussion. Traditionally, the dry wines of the tasting on the occasion of moving to the sweet, fragrant, in the direction of special wines. Time course of the assortment is taken into account. Thus, we can provide a fairly wide scale. The occasion of an apple tasting, cheese and onion bread, fatty acid, as our guest requires. The 1-1 dl of wine tasting we spend on glass. In the end, the extra glass of wine tasted best offer. We offer wine is 4-6 per line. The 4-line tasting at 1200, - / person (EUR 4), which is a dry and a sweet, a sweet wine, and contains a Aszu. The 6-line cost of the tasting 2000, -Ft/f§ (7 EUR), which is a dry and a sweet, a Muscat, a szamorodni, and contains two Aszu-wine. It is possible esencia natural tasting, different vintages, but this extra cost. 20 ml natural esencia 600,-Ft (2.5 Euro).

This is an option to purchase after the tasting!
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It is possible to order by mail or delivered in a personal case of large lot!

Restaurants, shops for supply of wines!
Tired of visiting guests accommodation, meals can be provided, the operation frame Dona family guesthouse, which is only a few hundred meters away from us. The guest apartment complete with a four-bed, two double bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen. Ideal for family holiday or two, of 8-10 friends to relax.

More full-day programs can be provided, such as:

Multi-day vacation to organize, undertake the compilation of programs.
Grape harvest period and harvested by asz˙, squeezing stew pot cooking has joined together, offering programs.