In some parts of the cellar of the monument's age at the time of Rákóczi concluded. (1700) branches of a length of about 100 m, 500 hl capacity, which can be further expanded.

In fact, two cellars, built in 2004 and renovations were opened up. Two entrances, one overlooking the courtyard, a long staircase, where the barrels in and out shipment is made. The second house opened in a basement, under the house. In general, the cellar tour, tasting and cellar operations from happening. In the cellar, the average temperature 10-12 degrees Celsius, the average annual temperature fluctuations max. 1 to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The humidity is almost constant throughout the year, ranging between 90-96%. The cellar is naturally ventilated, the doors, and ventilation holes, also known as "léleklyukakon" through. These vent holes in the basement főtéjében (ceiling) placed 15-20 cm diameter vertical holes, which are of surface lead. In our case, 6.5-7 m long. The specificity of the basement cellar, the Latin name Cladosporium cell, also known as also known as noble rot, which live in symbiosis with the wine, and air of the cellar. Color from white to start, various shades of gray through to black. Touch woolly, silky. The wine's development, the development is an important factor, which is nourished by evaporation of its ingredients. This amazing fungus regulate the climate of the cellar, where droughts volatilize, that give off water when humidity is high, however, then swallows it. Curative, ie, medicinal properties, as kills harmful airborne microorganisms. We used to say that these three factors (the wine, the climate, the noble rot) is not true without the Tokaj wine. This world is so special, so unique that only small groups of visiting done. (8-10) persons. Happy to show you (you) can cellar. Visit us!