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My name is István Kónya.

Vine and motivated individual small family winery, which is the Tokaj wine region, located Bodrogkeresztúr. Motivation of the family my father (Joseph Konya borkombinát Director Emeritus) passed down. Basically, the traditional Tokaj wine-making spirit in my work, but also the evolution of the milieu of today's monitors. Headquartered in the middle third of the village, the main street of the Motor Museum in the last century mansion built trader works. During the building of a 500 hl capacity, about 300 years old cellar area, where only our wines in oak barrels. Of course, wine tasting in the cellar, and wine is also available online. If required, accommodation, meals, also offer excellent programs.

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Historical Overview of plantations

As every story has a beginning and end of our economy so well. The beginning of the 1965-1970-ies are made when my father was buying vineyard, which barely reached the area of 0.5 hectares. During this period, my parents only as an ancillary activity engaged in viticulture, as so many of them outside the Tokaj foothills. I knew this small area, and I loved the vine, regardless of whether the initial professional degree in other areas of life is spun. My father's love of the grape is also brought to the parental home, and he remained in this, having professional qualifications and expertise of forty years in the vineyard was able to download.
In the 1970s-1980s, among other factors, poverty was the one that prevented the development of small farms and growing. Nevertheless, my parents in 1985, new areas planted, which have formed the basis of its own vineyards. (Tolcsva, Kincsem vineyard, vineyard Witch-0, 6 hectares) of the major breakthroughs were made after 1990. A new stage of privatization and restitution open Tokaj vine with his or her story as well. I decided to buy more vines. I returned to the viticulture and wine, grapes and which has earlier entered into a tradition. Buy through 1.7 hectares, 2.5 hectares under vines got rental property, so did the current total area of 5 hectares of vineyard.

I would like to stress that the tradition of Tokaj, known as the "Vinum Régua Vinorum Rex" symbol is also obliged us to content. In this spirit, we are working, regardless of whether the production area is not too large. Our role is not the size, but a great value, which represents the world of Tokaj, which is dominated by money. I believe that today, in the new millennium, the money can only be based on the true values of the Tokaj wine, fame, based on accumulated over the centuries, from generation to generation and transport